Residential subdivision

Baldivis, Western Australia

  • The construction of this Stage formed part of a broader established residential subdivision.
  • This in itself was quite a challenge as construction of this Stage was undertaken within and amongst a fully established and functional residential community with existing residents and infrastructure. 
  • At all times safety of residents was paramount.
  • We needed to minimise disruption and risk to residents and existing infrastructure when accessing the construction site.
  • The construction site was effectively segregated and access to the construction area was carefully monitored and restricted to construction personnel at all times.
  • Construction noise, outputs (such as dust) and waste were kept to a minimum to ensure safety of and avoid disruption to existing residents.
  • The general appearance of the construction site was kept as tidy as possible and any visually displeasing elements were identified and addressed as soon as possible to ensure harmony within the existing residential community.
  • Regular weekly and fortnightly project management meetings were held, where progress was tracked and any issues identified and resolved to ensure the smooth running of the project.

Commercial Carpark

Balcatta, Western Australia

  • The construction of the commercial carpark in Balcatta involved the removal and re-design of the existing carpark layout to maximise parking utilisation.
  • The works involved the removal of the existing carpark materials and trees and working around significant underground services
  • The area was stripped and preparation of the carpark area took place
  • Preparation and installation of stormwater drainage
  • Installation of asphalt, paving and kerbing to carpark area
  • Final tidying and presentation of carpark for handover