Commercial Applications for Limestone Retaining Walls

Limestone Retaining Walls - 04/09/2017

Using either natural or reconstituted limestone blocks, developers across Perth are moving away from traditional fences and instead opting to build limestone retaining walls as decorative landscape features or functional sub-division barriers.

limestone retaining wall perth

But, why are limestone retaining walls becoming so popular?

The Benefits of Limestone

Limestone is widely used within the construction industry for a number of projects, especially for retaining walls, but what makes limestone such a popular choice among builders and developers?

Some of the most notable benefits include:

  • Excellent natural insulation
  • Excellent fire and acoustic properties
  • Easy to cut/install
  • A more affordable option than some other popular building materials.

Plus, limestone retaining walls aren’t just practical, they’re also visually alluring, with a simple aesthetic that can easily stand the test of time.

What Applications are Limestone Retaining Walls Suitable For?

Limestone retaining walls can be implemented in:

  • Freeway retaining walls/barriers
  • Retaining walls in housing/land sub-division projects
  • Entry statements in housing estates or commercial complexes in suburban areas
  • Screen walls in commercial settings
  • Large-scale garden retaining walls in commercial landscaping projects

They’re particularly popular as freeway and housing estate barriers not only because of their aesthetic appeal but also because of their sound-reducing properties.

Why Choose BWC Civil?

BWC Civil and Earthmoving are acknowledged specialists in limestone retaining walls. This is largely because our team have years of experience across all areas of the construction industry, with a keen focus on constructing the best quality limestone retaining walls.

In every project we undertake, you can rest assured that we will be:

  • Meticulous about site preparation, ensuring there’s a solid foundation for us to construct on.
  • A stickler for details when it comes to constructing your retaining wall. We only use the highest quality materials and pay close attention to the measurements and angles needed to complete your project to the highest possible standards. This ensures each wall we construct is perfectly square, straight and of a consistent quality.
  • Fully transparent and won’t cut any corners. It’s not uncommon for businesses to cut corners to save a few bucks, but we’re not one of them. We pride ourselves on providing an immaculate finish, while paying close attention to colour matching the mortar, to ensure the best possible finish.

If you need a limestone retaining wall built for your housing sub-division or large-scale development project, or simply want to learn more about this versatile construction material, contact BWC Civil today!

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