Essentials You Should Know About Small Area Commercial Car Park Construction

Carpark Construction - 09/05/2016

Efficiency, cost and functionality are crucial things that matter when you want to build a small car park. To achieve these three things, you need to have the right material and aesthetics. You also need a good design for the small car park. This means you will have to hire a professional contractor to design the small car park space. Therefore, you need to k now a few things before you decide to engage in designing and constructing a small car park. Here are some of the things that will help make your small area car park project successful.

Project objective

It goes without saying that the purpose of a small area commercial car park is to provide parking space for your employees and customers. However, you need to consider other car park objectives that people rarely think about when they start working on the project. For instance, the small area car park should be able to accommodate trash bins.

It should also have an access for garbage trucks as well as staff. In that case, you need to consider the location of the trash bins within the parking zone. Keep in mind that the location should not be close to the building. Staffs should be able to access the trash zone on a daily basis while the truck should have an easy weekly access. In essence, you car park should be clean.

Car park design

An effective car park design will definitely provide you with the functionality that you desire. Even though it may be important to maximize the number of car parks in the space, you have to ensure that there is adequate room for navigation into and out of the car park. Convenience is something that your customers and staff will be looking forward to when you provide them with parking space. Most importantly, hire a professional engineer to design the car park because they have useful knowledge regarding essential factors such as construction material, load, and runoff and landscaping.

Project materials                                                                    

When you hire a qualified engineer, he will come up with a report after designing the car park. This report usually has essential materials for car park construction in Perth. Therefore, you should stick to these construction materials for better results. The most effective material for car park construction is concrete. Alternatively, you may use asphalt if your budget is too tight. Asphalt is usually suitable for small areas. Concrete driveways and car parks are strong, durable and stable.


Earthwork comes into play when you want things such as levels to be on point. Correct levels enhance safe movement within the car park and make it free draining. Since the ground is compacted, trenches have to be dug to create room for plumbing and electrical requirements.

Project cost and time

There are a number of factors that determine the cost you incur during construction. For instance, construction material greatly determines the cost. You should also consider other factors such as certifier fee, design fee, council fee, electrical and plumbing works, landscaping, earthwork and line-marking among others. Regarding project time, it takes the same amount of time to complete electrical plumbing tasks as well as and earthworks. When you use asphalt as the construction material, the curing time will be less as compared to concrete.

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