Important Things That Are Easily Overlooked During Car Park Design

Uncategorised - 09/05/2016

Car park design is something that is normally taken for granted by many. When you are designing any type of car park, it is usually a common mistake to simply think of it as a large empty space with parking spaces marked on it. However, the truth of the matter is that there are many details that need to go into doing car park design, so that it can then turn out to be useful for the people who are likely to use it.

Most of these tiny details may not even be noticed by the people using the car park, but they will definitely find it much easier to use. Whether you are designing a car park for commercial purposes or for any other reason, it’s important to be thorough about it. Some of the details you should not forget include:

The estimated volume you will be dealing with

How many cars do you think will be accommodated in the car park at any one time? It’s important to go through the statistics to make sure you get this right. You may need to consult a high quality car park construction consultant to get this information. It may cost you slightly more, but you will make better decisions.

The sizes of the cars likely to use the car park

This is where most people go wrong when they are designing a car park. When in this process, you need to imagine the size of the largest types of cars that will use the car park, and then make sure that the spaces will accommodate them. For many people, this might seem like a waste of space. For instance, you may design a parking facility that is capable of accommodating trucks, when the majority of people who will use it will have smart cars.

The other way to go round this is to segregate the parking. You could design it such that one part of the park is for such large cars, and then the rest for regular sedans. For instance, if only 10% of the traffic to the car park will be in the form of trucks, you can designate an area with larger spaces for this. This way, you end up maximizing the use of space in the facility while at the same time ensuring that all customers will be served.


It’s critical that you figure out how maneuverable the spaces you are working with are. Having very narrow spaces or putting the parking spaces too close together will compromise the ease of use of the parking space. This also has the potential to cause incidents such as scraping on other cars. Always allow just a little more than necessary space for cars to maneuver in the parking lot.


People are unlikely to want to use a parking space if it seems to be unsafe. Always try to spend a bit more on a few features that will increase the safety profile of the parking space, such as by having a perimeter fence and gates.

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