Improving Car Park Security At Your Business Premises

Uncategorised - 09/05/2016

In any business premises, the importance of offering quality car parking services cannot be overstated. An increasing number of people these days on cars, and it is fast becoming more of a necessity rather than a luxury as it used to be in the past. This also means that today, the availability of parking plays a bigger role in determining the quality of a business compared to in the past.

This means that if you are developing any real estate that you want to use for commercial purposes, you need to focus on making sure that the parking is adequate. This usually means consulting firms that specifically provide carpark construction, rather than using a regular mason to do the job. The benefit of working with a specialized firm is that they are more likely to identify the most urgent needs for your car park, and then ensure that they are sorted out. One that will definitely attract more customers is the ability to provide high levels of security. To ensure that your car park is secure, some of the measures you can take include:

Installing a perimeter fence

Having a perimeter barrier is the most basic defense against petty auto crime such as car theft. Such a fence should be developed in such a manner that it’s difficult to pull down. Reducing the visibility to the car park is also an added advantage, since it means that most people from the outside will not be attracted to the vehicles within the car park.

Limiting the entry and exit routes

Having clearly designated and manned entry and exit routes to and from the car park is also an important security feature. Most car thieves are likely to be less confident about stealing a car from a car lot that has only one exit, as compared to one that has multiple unguarded ones. The only downside to having a car park with only a few entry and exit routes is that these can get clogged with heavy traffic, particularly during the busier times of the day or week.

The car park should be manned

Another obvious feature that will make the car park more secure is manning. You should ensure that there are adequate guards within the car park to reduce the incidence of people breaking into cars. The number of guards you hire for this should be proportional to the size of the car park, and consequently the total number of cars that can be there at any one time. Hiring such guards from a registered third party security firm is essential to increase the level of security. When designing such a car park, you may need to install areas where some of the guards can comfortably sit when guarding the cars, such as guard houses. Having them incorporated into the general design of the car park will make them less of an eyesore, and is also likely to make them more functional.

Barriers to reduce speeding

Having devices such as speed bumps and bollards around the car park can help in reducing the maximum speed at which cars can drive through the car park. This will increase safety for everyone who uses it as well. 

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