What Should You Include In Your Carpark Safety Inspection Checklist?

Uncategorised - 09/05/2016

Are you currently thinking of having a carpark constructed for your business? When you have this thought in mind, you should always consider planning a structure that is not only durable enough to sustain your clients’ parking requirements. You must always go for one that is safe to provide you and your customers’ parking needs. Therefore, when planning for a carpark construction, you and your contractor must have the carpark safety inspection checklist. This should include the following.

For entrances and exits

On this particular category for carpark safety inspection, you always have to make sure that the structure you will construct is one that will be free from obstacles and will be accessible by all individuals including those with disabilities. Add to this, you should make sure that signs and foliage are placed in strategic places where they will not destruct the driver’s vision. When construction comes to an end, make sure that the entrance and exit gates are in safe working condition.

For installing lights

Remember that a carpark without enough lights will somehow be a cause of worry to your consumers. This can compromise their safety knowing that dark places can be a good area for intruders to come in and attack your clients. In this regard, you need to have enough lights installed in the carpark. These lights should be part of your checklist. The number of lights to install will depend upon how large the space is. Additionally, you should choose for the safest lights to install for the needs of your clients.

For signage and lot markings

Another safety aspect to include in your carpark construction checklist is the signage that should be part of the carpark. Make sure that your contractor will include the need to have a readable signage that will help direct traffic of vehicles that will come in and out of the carpark in the near future. These signage and lot markings should be visible and readable to drivers. Make sure that each important spot in the carpark bears lot markings that will indicate the best areas where pedestrians can cross.

Pavement construction

When construction a carpark, you have to make sure that your contractor will assure that there are no potholes or cracks in the parking lot. If these cracks are evident especially after carpark construction, you have to ensure that the contractor does something about it even before you put the structure into operations.

Other things to include in the safety checklist for carpark construction

There are many different things that are needed in carpark construction. Take for instance the railings and the stairs where your guests can gain access to your building. In your checklist, you have to jot down specific structures that need to be part of the carpark. You also have to discuss with your contractors all other must-haves for the construction.

For more about important things to discuss and include on your safety checklist when it comes to carpark construction in Perth, do feel free to give us a call. We always make sure that your needs are met before starting the construction.

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