Just How Much Does It Cost To Construct An Average Carpark?

Carpark Construction - 20/09/2016

One of the most important factors people consider before buying or renting property today is the availability of car parking lots or rather spaces. It therefore makes sense to always take into account how much you will spend on carpark construction if you intend to put up or remodel a commercial or residential property. But to answer the above mentioned question, it is hard to state with precision how much you can spend to set up a carpark. There are simply so many factors you have to consider. The final figure can at best, be an approximate figure. Some of the most important factors you have to consider include:


Architects, physical planners, surveyors and cooperative developers are just but some of the experts you may have to hire to get the job done. To cut costs, hire a contractor that can bring all these experts together rather than hiring each expert separately. That means looking for the most reputable contractor within your city or beyond if you have to. This is usually the most important step to undertake before the initial construction can begin. With the right contractor you can be sure of two things – that you will have highly rated experts working on your carpark and that your project will commence and end on time.

Project size


This is also important. Take 145,000 square feet as the average parking garage. This is assuming that you are constructing a 5 story building with each story measuring at 10ft in height. Such a building will cost around $8.65 million to complete. Note that there may be other expenses such as demolition. This is where a good contractor again comes into the picture. A highly rated contractor will offer you demolition costs as well, so the final figure may be a little bit less as opposed to looking for another contractor to take care of demolition.

All these figures are without a doubt astonishing especially if your project is a mid-size project. Should that be your case, then your best shot would be to only consider basic carpark construction needs. This may mean that your estimate shall take into account factors like concrete block backup, steel framing, drainage, plumbing, painting, and electrical wiring.


A big project will cost you more in term of paper work compared to a sizeable project. You must adhere to building codes are required by your local authority. Then there is the fact that architects too often charge a fee for paperwork. That is because everything usually starts on paper. There simply has to be a plan, which you will pay for. This should not worry you so much mainly because the fees usually vary from one architect to another, with most architects allowing one to negotiate with the. Keep in mind though that most parking facilities developers rely on both architects and contractors. Architects will charge you at least 6% of the final building estimate. So to be sure how much you will spend, request an estimate from at least two civil contractors in Perth.

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